Harvard Law Review, May 2014, on Exclusionary Rule, Opt-outs, and Financial Regulation’s Politics

Harvard Law Review, Number 7 (May 2014), includes an article, two book review essays, and extensive student research. Specifically, the issue features:

• Article, “The Due Process Exclusionary Rule,” by Richard M. Re
• Book Review, “Consent and Sensibility,” by Michelle E. Boardman
• Book Review, “The Politics of Financial Regulation and the Regulation of Financial Politics: A Review Essay,” by Adam J. Levitin
• Note, “Judicial Review of Agency Change”
• Note, “Live Free and Nullify: Against Purging Capital Juries of Death Penalty Opponents”

In addition, student case notes explore Recent Cases on such diverse subjects as whether PASPA is an appropriate exercise of congressional power; antitrust immunity for a state dental board; the requirement of “bad faith” in WIPO domain name arbitrations; whether a Guantanamo prisoner was properly detained as “part of” enemy forces; whether a state court may remove a domestic violence convict’s federal firearms disability; whether recognition of foreign governments is an exclusive executive power; and warrantless access to cell-site location information. Finally, the issue features two summaries of Recent Publications.

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