Harvard Law Review, #8, June 2014, Features Symposium on Freedom of the Press; plus Public Trials and Judicial Behavior

Harvard Law Review, Number 8 (June 2014), includes an extensive Symposium on Freedom of the Press, as well as an article, “The Criminal Court Audience in a Post-Trial World,” by Jocelyn Simonson, and a book review essay, “The Positive Foundations of Formalism: False Necessity and American Legal Realism,” by Lawrence B. Solum (reviewing Epstein, Landes, and Posner’s book on courts and judicial behavior).

Specifically, the Symposium on press freedoms features:

* “Introduction: Reflections on the First Amendment and the Information Economy,” by Mark Tushnet
* “The ‘New’ New York Times: Free Speech Lawyering in the Age of Google and Twitter,” by Marvin Ammori
* “Old-School/New-School Speech Regulation,” by Jack M. Balkin
* “First Amendment Common Sense,” by Susan Crawford
* “More than a Feeling: Emotion and the First Amendment,” by Rebecca Tushnet
* “Press Exceptionalism,” by Sonja R. West

The issue includes these student contributions:

* Note, “Congressional Control of Foreign Assistance to Post-Coup States”
* Note, “A Bad Man Is Hard to Find”
* Note, “Mediation of Investor-State Conflicts”

In addition, case notes explore Recent Cases on such subjects as the FCC power to create Open Internet rules; whether enforcement of a foreign judgment is state action; and threat convictions in internet free speech cases; as well as Recent Legislation on immigration law and local entity compliance in California. The issue includes several Recent Publications summaries. Finally, as the final issue of volume 127, it contains a comprehensive Index of each article, essay, book review, and student work from the year.

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