Cicero’s On Old Age is adapted and illustrated for today’s reader, with commentary and humor

Richard Gerberding, retired Professor of History and Director of Classical Studies at Alabama-Huntsville, adapts On Old Age for a new generation of readers. Illustrator Lance Rossi of Salem, Oregon, contributes over 60 clever drawings and sketches. The Wall Street Journal named it one of the year’s six “Best Books on Making the Most of Later Life.” There’s no edition paying homage to Cicero anywhere like this. (If link to WSJ above does not reveal the entire Feature Story, click on the first entry at this search.)

Cicero’s classic essay is now adapted, explained, and updated to today’s world. “Getting old is not for sissies”: the mortal words of Bette Davis. And somewhat the theme of Cicero’s work on age and wisdom. Except that Cicero did not believe in denying aging or hiding its effects. What he believed has been passed on for generations and still speaks to a modern world.

Now “De Senectute” (On Old Age) can be read with a real understanding of it, explained and presented to the contemporary reader. Adapted by Dr. Gerberding, Cicero’s essay makes sense and is lively. Clever illustrations by Lance Rossi add to the enjoyment. The new version is called How To Be Old: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Retirement.

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Cataloging: How To Be Old: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Retirement

Authors: Cicero, Gerberding, and Rossi

ISBN 978-1-61027-264-3 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-61027-267-4 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-61027-265-0 (eBook)
List price: US $6.99 (eBook) / $17.99 (paperback) / $29.99 (hardcover)
Page count: 102 pp.

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