Yale Law Journal’s 1st issue, Oct. 2014, explores Separation of Powers Self-Help and Criminal Attempts

The October 2014 issue of The Yale Law Journal (the first for academic year 2014-2015) features new articles on law and legal theory by internationally recognized scholars. Contents include:

* Article, “Self-Help and the Separation of Powers,” by David E. Pozen
* Article, “Criminal Attempts,” by Gideon Yaffe
* Note, “The Rise of Institutional Mortgage Lending in Early Nineteenth-Century New Haven,” by  Steven J. Kochevar  
* Comment, “SEC ‘Monetary Penalties Speak Very Loudly,’ But What Do They Say? A Critical Analysis of the SEC’s New Enforcement Approach,” by Sonia A. Steinway
* Comment, “Contract After Concepcion: Some Lessons from the State Courts,” by James Dawson

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Cataloging: Volume 124, Number 1 (Oct. 2014):

ISBN 978-1-61027-851-5 (ebook)
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