Yale Law Journal, Jan.-Feb. ‘15, on jurisprudence’s end, cost-benefit analysis, Indian ‘commerce,’ & the Wonder Woman origins of the Frye test

The contents of Yale Law Journal’s January-February 2015 issue (Volume 124, Number 4) are:

* “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Financial Regulation: Case Studies and Implications,”  John C. Coates IV

* “Beyond the Indian Commerce Clause,”  Gregory Ablavsky

* “On Evidence: Proving Frye as a Matter of Law, Science, and History,”  Jill Lepore

* “The End of Jurisprudence,”  Scott Hershovitz

* “Against the Tide: Connecticut Oystering, Hybrid Property, and the Survival of the Commons,”  Zachary C.M. Arnold

* “Perceptions of Taxing and Spending: A Survey Experiment,”  Conor Clarke & Edward Fox

* “The Psychology of Punishment and the Puzzle of Why Tortfeasor Death Defeats Liability for Punitive Damages,”  Roseanna Sommers

* “The Case for Regulating Fully Autonomous Weapons,”  John Lewis

* “From Child Protection to Children’s Rights: Rethinking Homosexual Propaganda Bans in Human Rights Law,”  Ryan Thoreson

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Cataloging: Volume 124, Number 4 (January-February 2015):

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