Crump’s fictional lawyer Robert Herrick is Back: Suing Terrorists and their Money Machine

The football game is tied. It’s in sudden death overtime. And that’s when three Islamic extremists trigger an explosion that kills over 100 innocent spectators. The men who did it are promptly caught and charged with capital murder, but everyone knows that there are more guilty people behind the act. There are banks, or foundations, or governments who fronted this terrorism. Terrorists need money.

Families of the victims ask attorney Robert Herrick—the “Lawyer for the Little Guy”—to bring the financiers to justice. It’s a tough claim, and he declines . . . but eventually he’s persuaded to take the case. Nothing about this lawsuit is easy, from preparing the court papers, to discovering who did it and how, to presenting enough proof at trial. Herrick will have to use all of his skills to have a fighting chance at making his claim, and—once the terrorists target him too—he’ll have to scramble to save his own life.

“David Crump . . . knows his courtroom procedure and trial tactics. I like reading his legal fiction, which has the authentic ring of truth, but [in his job as a law professor] he would scare the hell out of me in class.”
— Michael A. Olivas, Professor of Law and Former President, American Association of Law Schools

“. . . A fascinating international legal thriller . . . penetrating the world of a foreign legal system and fashioning a tale that only a legal expert could tell.”
— Gary Taylor, Pulitzer Prize Nominee Journalist; Author of true-crime bestseller Luggage by Kroger

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About the Author:

David Crump is a senior professor of law at the University of Houston and the author of numerous law textbooks as well as books of poetry, legal fiction, and a modern version of Virgil’s The Aeneid.


ISBN 978-1-61027-303-9 (paperback), list price $16.99)
ISBN 978-1-61027-309-1 (eBook), list price $6.99)
ASIN B00W3RC3HG (Kindle), list price $6.99)
Page count: 212 pp.
Published May 1, 2015