Yale Law Journal, May 2015 Issue 7: on punishing offenses under treaties, administrative severability clauses, judges citing scholarship, and Hobby Lobby

The contents of the May 2015 issue (Volume 124, Number 7) are:

• Defining and Punishing Offenses Under Treaties, Sarah H. Cleveland & William S. Dodge
• Administrative Severability Clauses, Charles W. Tyler & E. Donald Elliott
• Class Ascertainability, Geoffrey C. Shaw
• The Right To Be Rescued: Disability Justice in an Age of Disaster, Adrien A. Weibgen
• Expanding Conscience, Shrinking Care: The Crisis in Access to Reproductive Care and the Affordable Care Act’s Nondiscrimination Mandate, Elizabeth B. Deutsch
• Conscience Wars: Complicity-Based Conscience Claims in Religion and Politics, Douglas NeJaime & Reva B. Siegel
• Legal Scholarship for Judges, Diane P. Wood
Book Review
• The Banality of Racial Inequality, Richard R.W. Brooks
• Federal Sentencing Error as Loss of Chance, Kate Huddleston

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Cataloging: Vol. 124, No. 7 (May 2015):

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