Good Courts by Berman and Feinblatt is digitally remastered,™ adding new Foreword

Presented in a new digital edition, and adding a Foreword by Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the state of New York, Good Courts is now available as an eBook to criminal justice workers, jurists, lawyers, political scientists, court officials, and others interested in the future of alternative justice and process in the United States.

Public confidence in American criminal courts is at an all-time low. Victims, communities, and even offenders view courts as unable to respond adequately to complex social and legal problems including drugs, prostitution, domestic violence, and quality-of-life crime. Even many judges and attorneys think that the courts produce assembly-line justice.

Increasingly embraced by even the most hard-on-crime jurists, problem-solving courts offer an effective alternative. As documented by Greg Berman and John Feinblatt—both of whom were instrumental in setting up New York’s Midtown Community Court and Red Hook Community Justice Center, two of the nation’s premier models for problem-solving justice—these alternative courts reengineer the way everyday crime is addressed by focusing on the underlying problems that bring people into the criminal justice system to begin with.

The first book to describe this cutting-edge movement in detail, Good Courts features, in addition to the Midtown and Red Hook models, an in-depth look at Oregon’s Portland Community Court. And it reviews the growing body of evidence that the problem-solving approach to justice is indeed producing positive results around the country.

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ISBN: 9781610273312 (eBook), list price: $8.99
Page count: 237 pp.
Publication date (eBook): December 3, 2015

Praise for the original printing:

“Greg Berman and John Feinblatt, in their new book Good Courts, put forward fundamental reforms to restore accountability and legitimacy to our criminal justice system.” – Mother Jones
“Berman and Feinblatt’s work presents a thought-provoking assessment of problem-solving courts that will be of interest to political scientists and sociologists and to court practitioners.” – Justice System Journal
Good Courts concludes by asserting that problem-solving courts offer a rare beacon of hope within the criminal justice system. This is a message that should be heeded by all who seek to improve the courts.” – Commonwealth
Good Courts is an excellent, up-to-date introduction to the possibilities of problem-solving justice.” – Court Review
“This book is recommended to anyone from the bench or bar who has come into contact with problem-solving courts.” – New York Law Journal
Good Courts is a well-written book … citizens, lawyers, judges, court administrators, politicians, and academics alike will find it useful.” – Criminal Justice
Good Courts is an informative and timely book on an important subject. It is also a good read.” – Judicature