Harvard Law Review, Dec. 2015: On Intra-Agency Conflicts, Selling Body Parts and Milk, Immigrant Detention, and Conflict of Laws

The December 2015 issue, Number 2, features these contents:

• Article, “Intra-Agency Coordination,” by Jennifer Nou
• Book Review, “Body Banking from the Bench to the Bedside,” by Natalie Ram
• Note, “‘A Prison Is a Prison Is a Prison’: Mandatory Immigration Detention and the Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel”
• Note, “Bundled Systems and Better Law: Against the Leflar Method of Resolving Conflicts of Law”

The issue also includes In Memoriam essays honoring the legacy of Professor Daniel J. Meltzer, with contributions by Judge David J. Barron, Richard H. Fallon, Jr., Vicki C. Jackson, Robert S. Taylor, Justice Elena Kagan, David F. Levi, Martha Minow, and Donald B. Verrilli, Jr.

In addition, student commentary analyzes Recent Cases on retroactive application of Dodd-Frank, whether the first-to-file rule of the False Claims Act is jurisdictional, ancillary jurisdiction to expunge a criminal conviction, and First Amendment issues raised by a court-ordered apology. Student comments on Recent Legislation discuss state laws prohibiting local units from creating protected classes, and state laws prohibiting local units from regulating fracking. Further, a student comment analyzes a Recent Adjudication in the EEOC defining discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation as protected sexual discrimination. Finally, the issue includes several comments on Recent Publications.

Quality ebook formatting includes fully linked footnotes and an active Table of Contents (including linked Contents for individual Articles), proper Bluebook formatting, and active URLs in footnotes. This is the second issue of Volume 129, academic year 2015-2016.

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