Yale Law Journal, Jan. 2016: Dual-class corporate governance, international law by Hobbes, Burger Court federalism, & wolf packs

This January 2016 issue of the Yale Law Journal features articles and essays by notable scholars, as well as extensive student research. Contents include:

• Article, “Corporate Control and Idiosyncratic Vision,” by Zohar Goshen & Assaf Hamdani
• Essay, “The Domestic Analogy Revisited: Hobbes on International Order,” by David Singh Grewal
• Note, “Repairing the Irreparable: Revisiting the Federalism Decisions of the Burger Court,” by David Scott Louk
• Note, “Reconciling the Crime of Aggression and Complementarity: Unaddressed Tensions and a Way Forward,” by Julie Veroff
• Comment, “Unpacking Wolf Packs,” by Carmen X.W. Lu
• Comment, “Jurisdictional Rules and Final Agency Action,” by Sundeep Iyer

This is the third issue of Volume 125, academic year 2015-2016.

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