Harvard Law Review, Apr. ‘16, is special Developments in the Law issue, on Indian Law

The April 2016 issue is the annual Developments in the Law special issue. The topic of this extensive study is “Indian Law,” including specific focus on tribal executive branches, tribal authority to follow fresh pursuit onto non-tribal (state) land, reconsidering ICRA and rights, securing Native American voting rights, and indigenous people and extractive industries. In addition, the issue features these contents:

• Article, “Reconstructivism: The Place of Criminal Law in Ethical Life,” by Joshua Kleinfeld
• Essay, “Rule of Law Tropes in National Security,” by Shirin Sinnar
• Book Review, “Coming into the Anthropocene,” by Jedediah Purdy

Furthermore, student commentary analyzes Recent Cases on excessive force and SWAT raids after “perfunctory” investigation; prior restraints and injunctions under copyright law; individual liability of FBI agents for detention of citizens abroad; religious establishment and display of the Ten Commandments; and charter schools as violations of state constitutional law. Finally, the issue includes four brief comments on Recent Publications.

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