Harvard Law Review, May ‘16: Searches and the 4th Amendment; Law as Force; and Agency Review of Due Process

The May 2016 issue, Number 7, features these contents:

• Article, “The Positive Law Model of the Fourth Amendment,” by William Baude and James Y. Stern
• Essay, “Deference and Due Process,” by Adrian Vermeule
• Book Review, “How to Explain Things with Force,” by Mark Greenberg

• Note, “Free Speech Doctrine After Reed v. Town of Gilbert

Furthermore, student commentary analyzes Recent Cases on the Affordable Care Act and the origination clause; statutory interpretation and the Video Privacy Protection Act; and commercial speech doctrine and the FDA’s power to prosecute non-misleading statements after modifying text. Other commentary examines South Carolina’s legislative effort to to disqualify companies who support BDS from receiving state contracts; and the NLRB’s adjudicative ruling to classify canvassers as employees, not independent contractors. Finally, the issue includes several brief comments on Recent Publications.

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Released: May 10, 2016