HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s Apr. ‘17 issue: Developments in the Law on “The U.S. Territories”

The Harvard Law Review is offered in a digital edition, featuring active Contents, linked notes, linked URLs in notes, and proper ebook formatting. The contents of Issue 6 include scholarly articles and student casenotes, as well as as the extensive, annual survey of Developments in the Law. This year’s subject is “The U.S. Territories.” Topics include territorial federalism, federal deference to Guam on its law, Puerto Rico’s place in the UN and the international community, and citizenship in American Samoa.
The issue also includes an article by John Rappaport on “How Private Insurers Regulate Public Police.” In addition, student contributions explore Recent Cases on the First Amendment and selfies at the ballot box, the amendment’s protection for publishing code for 3-D printing of handguns, antitrust law and market definition for hospitals, the Fourth Circuit’s rejection of North Carolina election rules based on racial discrimination, statutes of limitation and repose in the context of class actions, subjecting Notre Dame to “company town” analysis in state action law, and delegation of indigent criminal defense to the Missouri governor. Finally, the issue includes several summaries of Recent Publications.
Principal articles are written by internationally recognized legal scholars, and student-editors contribute substantial research in the form of Recent Case commentaries and surveys of recent developments in the law.

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Cataloging Issue Number 6:

ISBN 9781610277846 (ePUB)
ASIN B06Y6244ZL (Kindle)
Page count: 257 pp.; list price: US $3.99
Released and available: April 10, 2017