HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s May ‘17 issue: Harmless Error, Vagrancy Laws, and Abolition of the Death Penalty

The May 2017 issue, Number 7, features these contents:

• Article, “A Contextual Approach to Harmless Error Review,” by Justin Murray
• Book Review, “Courting Abolition,” by Deborah W. Denno
• Book Review, “This Land Is My Land?” by Tracey Meares
• Note, “Clarifying Kiobel’s ‘Touch and Concern’ Test”
• Note, “If These Walls Could Talk: The Smart Home and the Fourth Amendment Limits of the Third Party Doctrine”

Furthermore, student commentary analyzes Recent Cases on: trademark law and applying the Lanham Act to wholly foreign sales; election law and the test for partisan gerrymandering; civil procedure and whether service of process may be accomplished internationally via Twitter; felon disenfranchisement and the governor’s clemency power; international law and sentencing for war crime of attacking cultural heritage; and international arbitration and whether Uruguay’s anti-tobacco regulations violate Philip Morris’s investment rights. Finally, the issue includes two summaries of Recent Publications.

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Cataloging Issue Number 7:

ISBN: 9781610277884 (ePUB)
ASIN: B071F349TS (Kindle)
Page count: 210 pp.; list price: US $3.99
Released and available: May 10, 2017