HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s June ‘17 issue: Dworkin’s reply to Hart, police expertise, and foreign affairs federalism

The June 2017 issue, Number 8, features these extensive contents:
• Article, “The Judicial Presumption of Police Expertise,” by Anna Lvovsky
• Essay, “The Debate That Never Was,” by Nicos Stavropoulos
• Essay, “Hart’s Posthumous Reply,” by Ronald Dworkin
• Book Review, “Cooperative and Uncooperative Foreign Affairs Federalism,” by Jean Galbraith
• Note, “Rethinking Actual Causation in Tort Law”
• Note, “The Justiciability of Servicemember Suits”
• Note, “The Substantive Waiver Doctrine in Employment Arbitration Law”

Furthermore, student commentary analyzes Recent Cases on: requiring proof of administrative feasibility to satisfy class action Rule 23; whether prison gerrymandering violates the Equal Protection Clause; justiciability of suit against the government for military sexual assaults; whether criminal procedure requires retroactive application of Hurst v. Florida to pre-Ring cases; whether statutory interpretation’s rule of lenity requires fixing cocaine possession penalties by total drug weight; and, in international law, the UN’s Security Council asserting Israel’s settlement activities to be illegal. Finally, the issue includes several summaries of Recent Publications.

The Harvard Law Review is offered in a quality digital edition, featuring active Contents, linked footnotes, active URLs, legible tables, and proper ebook and Bluebook formatting. The Review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. It comes out monthly from November through June and has roughly 2300 pages per volume. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions. This is the final issue of academic year 2016-2017.

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Cataloging Volume 130, Number 8:

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Released and available: May 31, 2017