HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s special fall 2017 issue commemorates HLS’s bicentennial

The special Bicentennial Issue, Number 9, features these Essays as its contents:

• “Marking 200 Years of Legal Education: Traditions of Change, Reasoned Debate, and Finding Differences and Commonalities,” by Martha Minow

• “Race Liberalism and the Deradicalization of Racial Reform,” by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw

• “The Socratic Method in the Age of Trauma,” by Jeannie Suk Gersen

• “Thayer, Holmes, Brandeis: Conceptions of Judicial Review, Factfinding, and Proportionality,” by Vicki C. Jackson

• “Without the Pretense of Legislative Intent,” by John F. Manning

• “Law’s Boundaries,” by Frederick Schauer

• “Bureaucracy and Distrust: Landis, Jaffe, and Kagan on the Administrative State,” by Adrian Vermeule

The issue also includes a comprehensive Index for all nine issues of volume 130.

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Cataloging Volume 130, Number 9:

ISBN:  9781610277709 (ePUB)
ASIN:  B0773RNZT1 (Kindle)
Page count: 228 pp.; list price: US $3.99
Released and available: Nov. 1, 2017