HARVARD LAW REVIEW, Dec. ‘17, on national injunctions, power of Governors, and norms of precedent

The contents for this issue (December 2017, Number 2) include:

• Article, “Multiple Chancellors: Reforming the National Injunction,” by Samuel L. Bray
• Article, “Gubernatorial Administration,” by Miriam Seifter
• Book Review, “Crafting Precedent,” by Paul J. Watford, Richard C. Chen & Marco Basile
• Note, “Proving Breach of Former-Client Confidentiality”
• Note, “The Harvard Plan That Failed Asian Americans”

In addition, the issue features student commentary on Recent Cases, including such subjects as the Establishment Clause and prayer led by County Commissioners; due process for student disciplinary hearings on sexual misconduct in universities under Title IX; armed career criminals and intent for burglary; genocide victims and suit against their own countries under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act; expert witnesses and causation in asbestos cases; and immigration law’s local enforcement involving ICE detainees.

Also included is commentary on President Trump’s signing statement objecting to the Act imposing sanctions against Russia and its requirement of Congressional review over Presidential waivers. Finally, the issue includes several summaries of Recent Publications.

The Harvard Law Review is offered in a quality digital edition, featuring active Contents, linked footnotes, active URLs, legible tables, and proper ebook and Bluebook formatting. This current issue of the Review is December 2017, the second issue of academic year 2017-2018 (Volume 131). The Review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. It comes out monthly from November through June and has roughly 2500 pages per volume.

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