HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s Jan. ‘18 Issue: The End Game of Admin Law is the Judicial Contempt Power

The contents for this January 2018 issue (Number 3) include:

• Article, “The Endgame of Administrative Law: Governmental Disobedience and the Judicial Contempt Power,” byNicholas R. Parrillo
• Book Review, “Rethinking Autocracy at Work,” by Cynthia Estlund
• Note, “Congressional Intent to Preclude Equitable Relief — Ex Parte Young After Armstrong
• Note, “Sixth Amendment Challenge to Courthouse Dress Codes”
• Note, “The Virtues of Heterogeneity, in Court Decisions and the Constitution”

In addition, the issue features student commentary on Recent Cases and other legal actions, including such subjects as: standing in class actions for credit reporting; right of access of press re Guantanamo Bay detainees; parolees and disability rights under the ADA; intent and manslaughter by encouraging suicide; proposed legislation to ameliorate punitive effects of drug crimes involving marijuana; and President Trump’s tweets purporting to ban transgender servicemembers in the military. Finally, the issue includes summaries of Recent Publications.

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Cataloging Volume 131, Number 3:

ISBN:  9781610277730 (ePUB)
ASIN:  B078TQVMNK (Kindle)
Page count: 265 pp.; list price: US $3.99
Released and available: Jan. 10, 2018