Basic, Modern Editions of Holmes’ The Common Law

Quid Pro Books publishes, in ebook and paperback formats, editions of Oliver W. Holmes, Jr., The Common Law. All editions and formats embed the original pagination for citation and classroom assignments. All have the hyperaccurate proofreading usually lacking in other republications, especially the ebooks. Our editions come in three forms.

1. The book without explanation or introduction, in its most basic and affordable form.

2. The book introduced with explanation and brief biography by Steven Alan Childress, law professor at Tulane.

3. The Annotated Common Law, a new edition with some 200 notes embedded to explain, translate, and decode the book as needed; now the book can be assigned to nonlawyer classes in history and political science, as well as to entering students in law, in a way that was difficult before. Also has the Foreword by Prof. Childress.

All three formats and links to various sales sites are discussed in detail here. This post is a reminder that–even though The Annotated Common Law may meet the needs of readers and teachers who want an explained and introduced version–we also publish careful and correct editions of the more basic book, in very affordable editions.

And look for Quid Pro’s versions of The Common Law and The Annotated Common Law for ereaders, easily found at the Kindle store at Amazon, B&N for Nook, Sony ebookstore, and the Apple iTunes bookstore. All are linked at the full page description as well. This basic edition for Kindle, for example, is usually rated as one of the Kindle bestsellers in categories of legal history and reference.