Lawrence Friedman’s Mystery An Unnatural Death Takes Lawyer Frank May Into May and December

Frank May practices law, but he gets by just doing the safe, bland kind—writing wills, forming partnerships, processing papers. Everything far from the seedy adventures of criminal law or detective work. But every lawyer knows: clients have a habit of taking you to places you don’t want to be.

One of those clients is the estate of the late Harriet Wingate. Harriet had money, and that always makes for interested relatives. But a bizarre husband Harriet’s junior, by a half-century? Two squabbling nieces? The suddenly revealed grandson? Worst of all, a litter of soon-to-be rich cats? Frank did not think she even had a cat.

Frank wrote Harriet’s will, or so he thought. But more wills than he ever imagined keep popping up, including the notorious “cat will” and a torn, handwritten mystery will. Actually, they’re all a mystery, just like Harriet’s death.

The wills and the relatives, if not the cats, drag Frank into the world he had so carefully avoided in his practice. Now to probate the estate and resolve the conflicting wills, he may have to unravel a mystery or two. And even a second unnatural death. To do all that, he will have to use his head—and step far outside his comfort zone.

A QP Mystery, in the series of the Frank May Chronicles. Also in the series is Death of a Wannabe.

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ISBN: 9781610271325 (ePub)
ISBN: 9781610271318 (pbk)

About the author:

Professor of Law at Stanford University, Lawrence M. Friedman has written 31 acclaimed books of nonfiction on law, crime, and history. He has published four works of fiction as well. Also see his next Frank May novel: The Book Club Murder.