Holmes’ The Path of the Law and The Common Law: Combined Edition for eReaders, iPads, Android, and Apps

Two of the greatest works of law and political philosophy, both by legal icon Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., are conveniently combined into one new, affordable digital edition. The Common Law in 1881 pronounced that experience and policy, not just precedent and logic, are the superior tools for judicial law-making–and his essay “The Path of the Law” expanded on his pragmatic view that law is what judges do and what people follow and obey, rather than some inherent quality of morality.

Quality eBook formatting includes linked notes, active Contents, and careful proofreading from the original sources. In The Common Law, page numbers and original note numbering are embedded so that it may be easily sourced and cited. This edition includes extensive photographs of the Justice and his career, including rare images of handwritten notes he made in the margin of his classic book. It also features a substantive Foreword and biographical summary to introduce both works and their import, presented by Steven Alan Childress, J.D., Ph.D., a senior law professor at Tulane University.

Most of all, compared to other digital presentations of these works, this book is presented with care and usable text, while other publishers’ editions tend to exhibit poor scanning, disorganization, repeated “footnote 1’s,” and even missing words from inside margins. They are simply hard to follow, at best. This edition takes all the care and professionalism seen in separate editions from Quid Pro, such as that for “The Path of the Law” linked here, and basic digital versions (here) of The Common Law. We also offer (in paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats) an expanded, decoded, and explained edition of the 1881 book entitled The Annotated Common Law.

The combined The Path of the Law and The Common Law is available:

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Part of the Legal Legends Series (#9) from Quid Pro Books, which includes the premier edition of Benjamin Cardozo’s The Nature of the Judicial Process, introduced by Harvard’s Andrew Kaufman.

Cataloging for the eBook The Path of the Law and The Common Law (2o12):

ISBN: 1610279573 (ePub)  |  ISBN-13: 978-1-61027-957-4 (ePub)
ASIN: B006VE8QAK (Kindle edition)